The No 1 Reason That Belly Fat Won’t Go

The No 1 Reason People Can’t Lose Their Belly

The number one reason people struggle to lose body fat is that they eat too many calories. Sure, the sources of those calories are important in body-recomposition but calories in vs calories out is the primary concern.

So, here are two key reasons that people tend to eat too many calories:

1: They confuse healthy eating with being in a calorie deficit. 2500 calories a day of salmon, quinoa, nuts and avocado won’t get you lean if you only need 1600 calories.

2: They get hungry when eating the number of calories they need to lose weight. The main reason they get hungry is that they refuse to eschew the calorie-dense things in their diet. 300 calories from a bagel and peanut butter will fill you up less than 200 calories of chicken salad will.

So, here are three tips for maintaining a calorie deficit and losing body fat, long-term.

1: Decide whether or not losing body fat is more important to you than eating and drinking what you want. If not then let it go and enjoy life! If it is then move on to tip number two.

2: Choose nutrient-dense foods over calorie-dense foods. For example, a 350 calorie serving of lean steak with a generous helping of broccoli, asparagus and red peppers will preserve muscle and help you to maintain a calorie deficit much better than a 350 calorie bowl of Special K will.

3: Be a fat loss scientist! Track everything – your food, your weight, your body measurements, your body fat, your appearance. Only by tracking what you’re doing can you determine whether or not it’s working.

So, if you are trying to lose weight or reduce your body fat without any luck, chances are you are eating too many calories. Apply those three tips for 6-8 weeks and you’ll be well on the road to success!

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