Your Body Toning & Weight Loss Journey Starts Here

What you get

* I’ll tell you exactly what to do to achieve your weight loss and body toning goals in a healthy and sustainable way
* 1-2-1 advice on calories, foods, macros, meal timing, eating out
* I’ll virtually hold your hand 24/7 through a sustainable process of weight loss and body toning.
* I’ll work with you to clarify your body and fitness goals
* I’ll help you find your ideal calorie intake and macro split
* I’ll guide you through the peaks and troughs, the ups and downs
* I’ll be on hand via WhatsApp to provide the knowledge, advice and experience to complement your drive and desire
* Monthly recipe book

Pricing & Information

£120 Initial set up (includes nutrition plan and first 3 months coaching) then £39 a month.

The Process

  1. Click on the checkout button and sign up.
  2. I’ll contact you to confirm your payment and discuss your goals.
  3. I’ll send your nutrition plan and advise you how to get started.
  4. We’ll check in every day and I’ll help you through the practical and psychological process of getting the body you want.
  5. We achieve REAL, LONG LASTING, RESULTS! #teamwork