Fish Oil Buying Guide


Are you supplementing with fish oil? If not then chances are that you should be! With scientific evidence of benefits ranging from depression treatment to reducing triglycerides (too many can lead to heart problems).

Benefits of Fish Oil

– Triglyceride reductions in the range of 15-30%
– Fish oil supplementation has been noted to be comparable to pharmaceutical drugs (fluoxetine) in majorly depressed persons
– Supplemental DHA above 300mg appears to be effective in reducing ADHD symptoms in children when supplemented
– May decrease blood pressure in persons with high blood pressure, but does not appear to have efficacy in persons with normal blood pressure

What to Look For

However (and this is a big however), many of the fish oils that are available in supermarkets are so low in the active ingredients (EPA and DHA) that it significantly reduces their benefits. You can usually tell by the price. A quality oil containing 1000mg (1g) of EPA/DHA is likely to cost around £25-£30 for 90-120 capsules. Compare this to a cheap version containing 150mg EPA/DHA, which costs around £2.50 for 120 capsules.

The thing is, when faced with myriad of different products, containing different ingredients, at different prices, it can be confusing and time consuming trying to find the best one to buy.

But…I’ve done the hard work for you! Here are a random selection of six products. When you account for the active ingredient content you’ll notice a price difference of 375%!

Product Comparison

HealthAid Omega 3 Capsules
425/325 (750) per capsule.
£17.24 for 60
Price per 1000mg = 38p

Impera Nutrition Omega 3 1000
500/250 (750) per capsule.
£17 for 120
Price per 1000mg = 19p

Tesco Cod Liver Oil 550Mg 90’s
?? per capsule. Not stated – says it all!
£1.75 for 90 / £3.50 for 180
Price per 1000mg = ?

Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil High Strength
86/69 (155) per capsule.
£5.00 for 60 / £10 for 180
Price per 1000mg = 36p

Bulk Powders Omega 3 Fish Oil Soft Gels
180/120 (300) per capsule.
£12.94 for 270
Price per 1000mg = 16p

Peak Supps Super Strength 1000mg Fish Oils
180/120 (300) per capsule.
£24.95 for 1000
Price per 1000mg = 8p


  • Fish oils have many health benefits
  • Not all fish oils are the same
  • Price of the pack is a good indicator of quality (cheap pack = not good)
  • Compare products to get the best value


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