It doesn’t have to be all or nothing this Christmas!

One of the things I keep hearing is “I’ll start at New Year” or “Oh it’s a bad time of year to start my nutrition – I’ll be on it in Jan“.

First things first – I’m not bashing New Year’s resolutions! The start of a new year is a great time to draw an line under the past and make a fresh start but here’s why I think delaying it due to Christmas isn’t the right thing to do.

Because it’s an all or nothing approach! It’s really common – you’re either on it or off it, but in reality life isn’t like that!

Do you think I’m “on it” 24/7? No! Do you think Fat Loss clients Roman, Heidi, Claire, or Natalie who have lost 14 stones between them are on it all the time? No! It’s all a matter of degrees and ratios!

The difference is that when we have a family meal or an evening out with friends – it’s not the end of the world and a signal for a six week lay-off until we feel like we’re “on it” again!

So, if you’ve said, “Oh I’ve got Christmas and New Year coming up” (yeah, you and the other 2 billion people!) then let me ask you this:

Are you planning to do nothing but eat and drink 24/7 for the next 14 days? No way! You’ll have a few days when eat, drink and be merry – fine, enjoy it – but you don’t have to totally stop your training and nutrition.

The meals that aren’t a big family feast don’t have to be “bad” – you can eat well for those.

From 24 Dec to 2 Jan you have 30 breakfasts, 30 lunches and 30 dinners. Out of those, you can probably have 28 healthy breakfasts, 25 healthy lunches and 25 healthy dinners – that’s 78/90 meals that you can get right. I’ll be a bit more on it than that – I might do 28/27/26 = 81/90 and Claire will do 30/29/27 = 86/90 (Miss Goody Two-Shoes!) but, either way, why let the prospect of a few blow-outs get you in an all or nothing state of mind!?

Yes, enjoy your Christmas and New year! Eat some cake, drink some wine, but if you totally eschew health and fitness because you want total break from it then, if I’m honest, you really haven’t made it part of your lifestyle as we constantly talk about. If that’s the case then you’re just “dieting” and, as we all know, dieting doesn’t work!

So, why not join my 1-2-1 Fat Loss Coaching programme to help you through this festive period and prepare you to hit it hard in January!


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