I’m Dan, The Fat Loss Coach. I have a proven track record of helping people achieve long-term, sustainable Fat Loss, Weight Loss & Body Toning results.

I’m not just here to send you a diet plan and leave you to it. I work with clients on a 1-2-1 basis, providing 24/7 support and “hand-holding” every day with a world class nutrition programme that gets guaranteed (if you follow the program!), long-lasting RESULTS!

If you have the desire and the commitment then I have the knowledge, experience and proven track record to help you achieve your goals.

What you get
* I’ll tell you exactly what to do to achieve your weight loss and body toning goals in a healthy and sustainable way
* 1-2-1 advice on calories, foods, macros, meal timing, eating out
* I’ll virtually hold your hand 24/7 through a sustainable process of weight loss and body toning.
* I’ll work with you to clarify your body and fitness goals
* I’ll help you find your ideal calorie intake and macro split
* I’ll guide you through the peaks and troughs, the ups and downs
* I’ll be on hand via WhatsApp to provide the knowledge, advice and experience to complement your drive and desire
* Monthly recipe book

What doesn’t matter
* Your weight
* Your fitness level
* Your goal (whether it’s a few pounds or a few stones)
* Whether you want a six pack or just to fit into a smaller dress / trouser size – doesn’t matter, I can help!

What matters
* You must take responsibility for your actions
* No excuses
* No “yeah but…”
* You must be able to see past social convention and habits, and want to make your goals your priority
* You must be more interested in making progress than doing what everyone else does

Pricing & Information
£120 Initial set up (includes nutrition plan and first 3 months coaching) then £39 a month.